3Dplus. 3D Footwear design and pattern-making


– Parts generated in 3D using three surfaces (interior, exterior and proflle) and defined using three parameters: last separation (uniform or varied), piece thickness and profiletype.
– Interactive moulding of soles based on the digital last.
– Creating, editing and customisation of virtual elements (stitches, buckles, accessories, etc.).
– Photorealistic colours and textures for pieces, soles and virtual elements.

Sipeco-T. Pattern making and grading


SIPECO-T is a software specifically designed for shell splitting, grading and cutting of materials for the footwear industry. The system starts from the original shell pieces and automatically grades them. Acquisition of the virtual shell by using a scanner, digitising tablet or by importing from 3D+. Numerous tools that ease the development and splitting of pieces from the virtual shell.

Renders 3D+

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