Software for footwear pattern-making in 2D without digitized last.

From the digitizing of the shell (scanner, tablet or imported from ICad3d + software), this software allows to extract pieces, scale and export the pieces to any cutting machine on the market. In addition, it allows the control of the consumption of materials and generate datasheets.

See what you can do with ICad2D +

  • Extract pieces from the virtual shellof the model.
  • Great versatility in the creation and modification of the pieces, quickly adding pieces, margins, notches, borders, markers, etc.
  • Modify size and shape of the PATTERNS being able to carry out any construction.
  • Grade quickly and easily by obtaining series of automatic pieces.
  • It generates the necessary files to send the patterns to the different automatic systems of CUTTING OF PATTERNS AND PIECES.
  • Compatible with any WINDOWS ENVIRONMENT
  • Improve significantly in accuracy and precision, simplifying processes, streamlining the production process, and reducing time and costs.

The advantage when using this type of software is that the patterns share common lines which are linked, so that automatically if the line is modified, then all associated parts are updated automatically.

It precisely mimics the most complex manual processes of editing patterns and grading flat patterns in different sizes.

Patterns with the highest accuracy, regardless of the type of footwear model integrates all the knowledge and experience of a footwear manufacturer, combined with a unique technology.