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The Web platform for Footwear Configurator allows visualization and combination of materials (colors and textures) of virtual shoe models in a fast and ease way, independently of the personal computer, tablet or mobile device.

  • Work with an easy and intuitive Web and cross-platform environment, with no need of advance knowledge.
  • Visualize in a fast and realistic way, the virtual shoe in all the different possibilities of materials and colors.
  • Integrate easily the Footwear Configurator into your Web, full customization with all the photo-realistic pictures of your models.
  • Speed up the decision making of the different options of model to be manufactured, without having to physically produce.
  • Power your business through the online sales.
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Virtual content generation thanks to Icad3D+

  • Design virtual shoe models in Icad3D+ with the desired material configuration.
  • Add combination rules, according to the restrictions o requirements of your company.
  • Easily create a virtual photo studio.
  • Choose the quality and different views to show your footwear models.
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Materials combination

  • Easy selection of the shoe model group of element.
  • Material selection among those available.
  • Instant photo-realistic view of the new combination created.

External systems integration

  • Thanks to the additional information added on Icad3D+, the process links to factory and product references.
  • Easy integration of the Web platform into your online shop o commercial Web.
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Make the most of your possibilities

  • Increase your product value or access new market opportunities by offering a new online shop experience.
  • Take advantage of the marketing opportunities that the photo-realistic views offers, having infinity of combinations of the virtual shoe model.
  • Save costs and times thanks to its use as a commercial tool. An entire virtual catalog and much more on a mobile or tablet device.


  • Off-line software application for tablet devices based on Windows operating system.
  • Cross-platform and responsive Web application, compatible with the main browsers and devices.
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