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IcadDIGI is a 3D non-contact digitizer specially developed for the shoe sector.

  • Allow lasts digitations without using supports (toe and heel) using a support that fix the last on the conetop.
  • Can digitize soles, heels and more objects.
  • It guarantees a faithful reproduction of the real object thanks to its maximum resolution of 0.1 mm.
  • It can incorporate a digital camera for the acquisition of textures, facilitating reverse engineering processes.

Technical specifications

Technology Laser Telemetry
External dimensions 1040x1150x700 mm.
Scanned volume 355x295x170 mm.
Weight 110 kg.
Precision 0,1 mm.
Digitation time 30’**Digitation of a last, size 37, with mill quality
Voltage 240 Vac, 50Hz
Power 800 W.
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Full integration with INESCOP CAD systems and easy to use

  • Compatible with last design and manufacturing IcadFOR.
  • Compatible with sole design software Icad3DP.
  • Reduced parameters number that allow easy to use.
  • Can predigitize the object to determine automatically the position.
  • Adjust dynamically the digititation to the shape of the object.
  • After finish the digitation, it store automatically the digitation file.

Export to the most common formats

  • HOR y LST for digital lasts.
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Textures digitations (optional)

  • The digitizer can include a digital camera to acquire the texture of the object.
  • After the digitalization, the system takes the needed photos automatically.
  • It show the texture over the digitized geometry.
  • The object and the texture can be exported using the formats: VRML, pdf3D and LST.