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The foot print digitizer is a portable scanner suitable for the digitization and reconstruction of foot prints. The most important characteristics are:

  • Easy foot positioning, the scanner process is always visible.
  • Fast and precise digitalization system that ensures a true reconstruction of the foot.
  • Lightweight and reduced size for and easy transport and installation.
  • Plug&Play (Pnp) device using USB port, compatible with any computer with Windows operating system.
  • Geometry exportation in the most used formats.
  • Easy integration with the IcadPAN software for custom anatomic insoles design.

Technical specifications

External dimensions 136x420x725 mm.
Scanned volume 140x60x400 mm.
Weight 10 kg.
Precision 1 mm.
Complete scan 18 s.
Power supply 100-240 Vac.
Power consumption 150 W.
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Integration with INESCOP CAD systems and scanning

  • Direct communication with IcadPAN software for the creation and manufacturing of custom insoles.

The foot print digitizer integrates a 3D application that  enables to scan, reconstruct, visualize and export the results.

  • Possibility tos can foot prints and foam prints.
  • Real time visualization of the adquisition during the scanning process.

Reconstruction and exportation

  • Point filtering and automatic reconstruction of the scanned object.
  • Scanning parameters definition
  • Geometry exportation in OBJ and STL formats.
  • Exported files ready to use in the IcadPAN software.
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Use in IcadPAN

  • Custom insoles creation from the digitized foot or foam print.
  • Customization and positioning of additions using the digitalization as a guide.