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IcadFOR is the software for design and manufacturing of shoe lasts. Starting from real lasts digitized, the system allows the combination and edition of them using multiple 2D and 3D tools.

In addition IcadFOR also works with digital feet, and for this purpose there are different feet specific tools that allow us to carry out very useful comparative studies for the shoe’s customization processes. The most important features are:

  • Fast and precise dimensional control of feet and lasts.
  • Multiple edition options to finally send the lasts to manufacture in machining centers.
  • Last customization using feet information for analisys and deformation.
  • Direct comunication with Icad3D+, the shoe design, adjustment and pattern making software.

Lasts joining

  • IcadFOR allows the join of 2 lasts stablishing the joining area in a very simple way and everywhere. The joining area can be manually edited and accurately.
  • The system offers the possibility to combine a well fit body last with different toes to create new models. Furthermore, you can combine 2 lasts for keep bottom part to create booties.
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Remove manufacturing supports

  • IcadFOR allows the remove of heel and toe supports coming from some types of the digitizers.
  • There are 3 different methods for remove heel supports and another 3 methods for the toe support.

Lasts modifications and rectifications

  • IcadFOR allows the geometric modification of the last using different types of deformers (cage, curves, rotation y zones).
  • It has a powerfull wizard that makes easy the task for the user to apply common modifications in known areas.
  • This tool offers infinite edition possibilities in any zone of the last and it is posible to use as visual reference the feet information to know where to apply changes.
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Lasts grading

  • IcadFOR allows the grading using grading systems based on sizes and other more special grading based on measures, with the possibility to define restricted areas.

Feet and lasts measurement and machining

  • IcadFOR has a predefined set of parameterizable automatic measures and the possibility to define your own manual measures.
  • The automatic measures depend on the control points and these control points can be edited manually. The edition of these points recalcs automatically the measures.
  • Feet and lasts measurement independently with the possiblity to create comparative foot-last reports.
  • When the edition, grade o join are finished, the new result lasts can be manufactured. For this, IcadFOR creates the mechanize toolpaths and the machining center can manufacture them phisycally.
  • Definition zones and steps for toolpath generation.
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