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The material scanner is a system that allows fast and accurate digitalization of any material. It allows to work with high quality textures in a controlled environment. Its most important features are:

  • Easy use of the system, with tray for material placement and automatic calibration of the image capture camera.
  • Quick digitization system with a high level of precision that ensures an almost real representation of the digitized material.
  • Connection via WIFI with the digitizer, no cables or drivers are needed for computer connection.
  • Automatic creation of digital materials from physical material, valid for any CAD system.

Technical specifications

External dimensions 560x454x547 mm.
Digitization area 140x160x20 mm.
Weight 20 kg.
Digitization time 180 s.
Power supply 100-240 Vac.
Power 50 W.
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Integration with CAD systems of INESCOP

  • Direct communication with Icad3D+ software for the digitization of materials during the virtual model design process.
  • Generation of textures and materials compatible with the Icad3D+ software for the design and modeling of virtual footwear.

With the IcadTEX application you can scan your materials with a high level of detail, quickly and easily for the user. Thanks to its integration with the Icad3D + software, it becomes one more tool of work in the normal process of virtual model design.

Scan the entire collection of materials

  • From the Icad3D+ system you can create and manage your own library of virtual materials from real materials.
  • Quick and simple digitization of the entire collection with a high level of detail.
  • Modify or add properties to digital material for the creation of new materials from digitized.
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Obtaining the physical properties of the real material

  • Obtainment representative textures of the physical characteristics of the material (color, brightness, roughness, etc.).
  • Automatic generation of images with color, normal, displacement, roughness and transparency maps for the creation of materials in any CAD system.

Digitization from multiple workstations

  • Wireless connectivity, allowing its use from different devices without the need to move or reconnect the digitizer.
  • Thanks to the WIFI connectivity, no drivers or special configurations are needed in the work computers with the IcadTEX system.
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Generate digital content with a high level of realism

  • The high level of detail of the textures generated and faithful representation of the physical properties of the material.
  • It allows to generate digital content with a high level of realism.