There is no doubt that China is a country that is constantly growing in the vast majority of its productive sectors, including leather, footwear and leather goods. This increase has been accompanied by an exponential growth in the demand for 3D software, causing, in the last months, a huge expansion of the presence of our company Red 21 S.L. in the Asian region.

Thus, our offices in Asia needs to adapt to this growing demand, expanding material and also human resources, and due to this, offer our IT solutions for footwear with the best quality and service possible.

Red 21 office in China
Red 21 office in China

Our expansion, and increasingly consolidated presence in Asia, is born as a result of our continuous and constant effort to offer the best 3D solutions on the market, leaving our competition at a distinct disadvantage.
Asian companies are verifying very quickly and visually that, using our 3D software solutions, their work methodology is improved, not only in terms of time and costs, but also in precision.